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Everett, Washington

We design web pages and fix Windows® problems on-site and remotely. We remove viruses, spyware, and make computers boot and run faster. We also service Mac® and Linux® computers, diagnose network connectivity, printer, and interoperability issues.


Experience 20+ years
Bachelors Degree Software Engineering
Certifications A+, Network +

Data Recovery

A certified Ontrack partner, our experienced data recovery technicianas undelete and unformat damaged or formatted disks. We recover lost pictures and files from camera and usb memory sticks, xbox, mp3 players, laptops, and notebook computers.

Call 41-HENRY-KR0LL (414-367-9570) for estimates.

Electronic Repair

We fix or replace most electronics, including laptops and notebooks. Replace broken LCD screens, motherboards, and power jacks. Recycle and save!

Repair CD

Our operating system repair CD fixes Windows problems over the Internet, even if your PC won't boot!


Time to update or change your operating system? We install multiple operating systems for dual-boot or multi-boot capability. Add a Linux partition, set up qemu with KVM and more!


We protect wired and wireless networks from intrusion. Selling your PC? Remember to securely wipe the hard drive and re-install, or shred sensitive documents and overwrite history, cookies, and browser cache to prevent identity theft.

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Washington 41-HENRY-KR0LL (414-367-9570)
Toll Free (877) 644-3755
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