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Million Digit Calculator

2000 digit (URL Calc) or 1 million digit (slow page load)*

Featuring on-the-fly number base conversion / encryption!

First number base

2nd number base


Output: Base Limit output to digits

Result: Showing 0 digit

*The usual disclaimers apply. May not always be accurate. Please note that 1 million digits results in 1 megabyte of output, which could take several minutes to download into your browser!

Supports number base conversion or encryption up to base 256 (but some browsers are only capable of displaying base 128). Converting to / from base 64 is not the same as base64 mail attachment (mime) format. For that, use base64 encode/decode

Update: Now accepts js commands plus commands from the decimal.js API in the input boxes and in the development console (F12) when calculating in base 10. For example: PI=Decimal.acos(-1) or Click to try it. Be aware that accuracy is limited to 2000 digits when using decimal.js.

Created 9/2002 by Henry Kroll, comptune.com. Click here to send an instant message.